Gub'mint REPAIRS
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Steering Committee Bob Keeler - Events Joe Wright - Secretary /Treasurer Deb Giffin - PHTP Facebook page, webmaster Our postal mail address is: Patrick Henry Tea Party 18120 Southern Cross Lane Beaverdam, VA 23015
Welcome to the Patrick Henry Tea Party! We created this site to keep the citizens of western Hanover County and surrounding areas informed about important governmental issues affecting citizens on the local, state and national levels. We are a non-partisan grassroots organization with a focus on smaller, less-intrusive government, fiscal prudence, adherence to our Constitution and unashamed patriotism.
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Got Democrat friends? Introduce them to the WalkAway Campaign. You can find it on Facebook, or watch the YouTube video that started it all: The Unsilent Minority.
WE ARE NOT INSURGENTS! WE DID NOT PARTICIPATE IN ANY ILLEGAL ACTIVITIES! Tea Parties exist to advocate for a responsive, fiscally and ethically conservative government. Yes, we are angry. We have seen sufficient evidence that election results are being manipulated, whether it be via voting machines, allowing non-citizens and non-residents to vote, or through wholesale fraud. We are being demonized as white, racist traitors by Nancy Pelosi. The true facists will be trying to eliminate our voices, our images, our influences, and our organizations from the public realm. Because we will not lie, cheat, and steal our way into power, we find ourselves with less influence on those who are elected. How will we prevent this? First, by finding and supporting Conservative candidates, getting them voted into office. Second, by demanding an end to cheating and favoritism. Third, by trying our hardest to prevent bad laws from being passed at the local, State, and National levels, using our voices, our influence, and our dollars. We will not be bullied, maligned, marginalized, silenced!