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Welcome to the Patrick Henry Tea Party! We created this site to keep the citizens of western Hanover County and surrounding areas informed about important governmental issues affecting citizens on the local, state and national levels. We are a grassroots organization with a focus on smaller, less-intrusive government, fiscal prudence, adherence to our Constitution and unashamed patriotism.
VTPPF Releases New Legislator Fiscal Scorecards The VA Tea Party Patriots Federation opposes any new legislation that further expands government or increases spending until after a full audit of Virginia state government; the elimination of waste, fraud, and abuse; and a substantial reduction in the Commonwealths dependency on Federal funds. (Currently, Federal funds are 38% of the Virginia budget not including loan guarantees or the proposed expansion of Medicaid) We will continue to oppose any new taxes, fees, tax credits, grants, and bonding authority until waste, fraud, and abuse have been eliminated. We will work for passage of Legislation that requires, upon citizen request, full disclosure of Public- Private Partnerships established under the 1995 VA Public-Private Partnership Transportation Act, including the names of officers, directors, and partners, as well as full disclosure of corporate and individual investors and beneficiaries. We will continue our strong support for a Lock Box for transportation funds. Go here to review/download the scorecards!
Next meeting of the Patrick Henry Tea Party Tuesday, March 17, 2015 - 7pm Beaverdam American Legion Hall 17662 Beaver Dam Road Beaverdam, Virginia 23015 Click here for directions Meeting Topic: “Your privacy versus Government electronic surveillance.” We will have Hanover Sheriff David Hines and Claire Gastanaga, Exec. Director of ACLU-Virginia to discuss license plate readers, stingray devices and civil asset forfeitures. They will also answer citizen questions, so please think about this ahead of time and bring your questions with you.
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