Gub'mint REPAIRS
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Serious, Legitimate Threats to Your Constitutional Rights Inbound This is a priority informational alert. Whenever we (on the right) grumble about democrats wanting to restrict 2nd Amendment gun rights and to reduce your ability to protect yourself and your family, they mock us as being ridiculous and that “no one wants to take your guns”. But of course, the moment that they gain more political/governmental control over our lives, one of the very FIRST actions they take out of the gate is to initiate those exact actions. From a federal perspective, and perhaps at a level where we can have lesser impact, the impending Democratically-controlled House of Representatives has released plans for a bundle of anti-gun, rights-stripping legislation for 2019. READ MORE... We urge all our membership to attend Lobby Day and the VCDL Rally on Monday, January 21st.